Jeanine Yeomans(non-registered)
Shawn thank you thank you for taking such beautiful pictures of my son's wedding (Carlton and Karen Alexander) they are absolutely beautiful. The picture of our granddaughter and her mother Karen is absolutely breathtaking. Thank you so much.
Lee Anna Davis(non-registered)
Shawn you are the best photographer that I have ever had the opportunity to do business with. Hawaii misses you!
Elly Rohani ( Realtor)(non-registered)
Hello Hello,
It was great meeting you and your family at the open house on sunday ;-)
just checked out your pictures or should I say ART and I have to say, I love it. I will definitely use your for my next event and also tell and recommend you to friends, family and clients.
Again it was so great meeting you and regardless if you decide to buy here or not, please stay in touch with me.
Noble Garland Joyner(non-registered)
Wonderful Pictures, when can i purchase them and how can i set up for a session?
Shawn Beverly Photography
Thanks so Much Malcolm. Really enjoyed shooting them!!!
Noble Malcolm Anderson(non-registered)
Man those are some awesome shots you were on point. I shared the link on FB.
Noble Malcolm Anderson(non-registered)
Awesome work can't wait to see the pics from this weekend.
Shawn Beverly Photography
Thank you Aqua. It was my pleasure had a wonderful time shooting that day
Thank u for all the photos u posted so sorry I didnt get back to u
Take care
Shawn Beverly Photography
Thanks so much Kim. Love doing this
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